Running motivation – and how to get it.

When I ‘m looking for the motivation to run, I just have to use my memory! It’s surprising how quickly you forget…

I’ve just been out for an hour long run – was it a long one or short? You decide! One thing that never ceases to amaze me, and it’s a thing that non-runners will never believe, is that, no matter how you feel beforehand, when you get back from a run you feel good.

  • Whether it’s been a hard run or an easy one.
  • Long or short.
  • Hot or cold.
  • Raining or sunny.

Get back home – probably a bit puffed. Maybe feeling all those muscles a bit too much. Could have been pushing too hard this time. No matter.

  • Get showered.
  • Do a few stretches.
  • Have a cup of tea.

And I feel GOOOOD. Much happier than I was before I went out. Who says that endorphins aren’t addictive. My whole body feels comfortably warm, even though it was only 6°C outside and a bit windy today. I feel like I could take on the whole world. And win!

The feeling of well-being that a vigorous burst of exercise can give has to be experienced to be believed. That’s what gives runners their motivation to run.

Just lifting a few weights or going for a short walk, may help you feel a bit better, but there is nothing like a good run in the countryside to lift the spirits, make you feel good all over and give you the energy you need to tackle anything. Not to mention the huge amount of good it does for cardiovascular health, the boost to the immune system, or the huge number of calories burned during the run and, thanks to a boosted metabolism for the next 24 hours, during the rest of the day. Running really does make you feel good, improve your health and help you lose weight. So if you are lacking running motivation, just remember how you felt last time you finished a good run. Then nothing can stop you!

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