Walking to lose weight – even celebrities can do it!

I just read a story that Victoria Beckham will be walking to lose weight, after gaining a few pounds (ounces?) during her recent pregnancy. No matter what you may think of ‘Posh’, as she was once known, you have to say that she keeps her body in pretty good order. I speak as man of an age who should know better than to think about it!

Moving on, I did a bit of research about her fitness history. And it’s certainly difficult with any celebrity to be too sure what is true, and what is made up just to sound good. Search Google for ‘how does Victoria Beckham keep fit’ and you get 860,000 results. I can’t believe that she has said 860,000 things on the subject!

None the less there are some ‘facts’ which appear on some big name websites that make you think they must be true:

    • Clearly VB is very careful about what she eats. She is reported to like Japanese food, which is very healthy – a lot of low fat protein, and not too many carbs. No surprises so far.
    • VB is also quoted as saying that she keeps fit by ‘running after her three boys all day’. This may be a joke, but having three active young children is going to keep any mother running.
    • Finally VB is famous for not being keen on gyms (who is?). But I understand that she normally runs 4 miles a day 6 days a week.
  • No great surprises then. If you want to have a fabulous body, you just have to do the right things. Ignore all of the hype about the latest hot diets or fitness gurus. Simply keep control of what you eat, do toning exercises to get the muscles you want, and do a good slug of cardio (walking, running, cycling, swimming) to boost your fitness and burn those calories. So simple even a celebrity could manage it! Walking to lose weight really works!

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